Exclusive classes for you and your friends or colleagues

Group exercise classes provide a great way to get fit in a sociable and fun environment. Each class is carefully thought out and planned to help every participant benefit from the session and leave feeling fitter, healthier and more energised week after week. Whether it is a high intensity bootcamp session or a lower impact Tea and Tone class, we aim to make every member feel stronger, smiley-er (and a little bit sweatier!), as they continue along their journey of improved health and fitness.

We hope to start delivering these classes in local venues around South Bucks and Oxon in the near future. In the mean time why not book in an exclusive class for you and your friends? I can come and meet you all in a venue that suits you at a regular time each week and deliver which ever class you feel will suit you best. Prices start from as little as £5 per person per class.


A whole body workout experience, using body weight exercises to improve aerobic fitness, along with muscular strength and definition, in a fun and energetic environment.

L.B.T with some T.L.C

Strengthen those key areas with this low impact class; perfect for improving posture, assisting recovery from an injury or for those who like to take a more relaxed approach to strength training. We use bands and bodyweight exercises to target the muscles within the back, bottom, legs and tummy.

Tea & Tone

40 minutes of exercise, 40 minutes of socialising with a cuppa! A feel good class designed to get the endorphins flowing and make the worries pass away, with a chance to catch up with new friends at the end of the session (tea and snacks included). Great for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety or for those who just like to socialise.


There is no doubting that H.I.I.T gets you fit; and fast! This is a high intensity circuit class that provides quick results. While it’s not for the faint hearted, each individual is in control of their own pace, meaning anyone can join in and benefit from the class in their own way.

Dance Yourself Fit

A fun follow along dance based conditioning class set to your favorite songs, designed to leave you feeling energetic and excited. Each song brings a different routine working all parts of the body.


A high intensity, high energy fitness experience that combines both cardiovascular and strength training to help participants gain results fast! This class is held in the great outdoors which means you can take in lots of fresh air while burning lots of calories.