Feel good Antenatal and Postnatal Exercise Sessions

Exercising while pregnant or after having a baby can be a daunting thought regardless of your training experience prior to falling pregnant. So many pregnant women are fearful that they will harm the baby if they exercise but equally don’t want to put on too much weight. Those who have already given birth want to return to their previous shape as quickly as possible but don’t know what is suitable and can lack motivation and energy.

The truth is, exercising while pregnant is fantastic for the health and wellness of both the mother and baby. Not only does it generally keep the mother fitter and stronger, it can: improve emotional and psychological state, increase energy levels, aid sleep, prevent constipation, keep joints mobile and movement more comfortable, ease back and pelvic pain, reduce the risk of diabetes in both mother and baby (the list goes on), exercise can even allow for an easier labour with less complications! Exercising after having a baby can also help to increase energy levels while reaping all the usual health benefits that exercise provides as well as giving mum a little time to herself!

Ante and Postnatal Personal Training

If you would like guidance with your exercise programme while pregnant or following pregnancy then I can carry out antenatal or postnatal personal training sessions specially tailored to suit you and your pregnancy. I have the skills and knowledge* to carry out safe and effective training sessions that will help you to gain all the benefits of exercising around pregnancy.

*YMCA Awards: Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients